The river is flowing

Canvas by Leonid Afremov
Canvas by Leonid Afremov

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.

Ice, water, steam

I understood, I can be whatever I desire to be.
First comes the desire, then there is the choice: to take action or stay passive.

We can take any shape, form or character that is needed to accomplish the desire. When the attention is in the right place, anything can be achieved.

H2O  takes the form that is needed to facilitate all processes on earth, for humans, animals, all life. What is it we humans facilitate?  Who do you desire to be?


(I decided to start a blog to share ideas. Now I see the possibilities of the web to connect with people, exchange information, inspire each other worldwide, that’s why yesterday I started a course on how to blog; Blogging 101: from zero to hero. All the assignments of the course I dare to post here. Enjoy and let’s get in touch!)