To: citizens of Berlin

Placed in Panke cafe, Berlin.


Standards of life

If you would’t give it to a child, don’t take it yourself.

If you would’t let a child eat it, you don’t eat it.

If you wouldn’t say it to a child, don’t say it to yourself or anyone else.



Get a free blog

ad sign

WordPress offers a free website but because it is for free, it allows them to use the space for advertisements. Without consent of the person using the space.

I don’t agree with this. Therefor I kindly ask to Ignore all advertisements on this site. Thank you!


2013-01-02 19.41.01

Make a difference in your own life and that of others

(especially between 19.00- 22.00)

There is a lot of work to be done for humanity on this earth. In our communities and within ourself. Please, value your time. Spent it wise.

(A person works, usually a job that doesn’t develop the sense of self, then comes home does all the things that ‘need’ to be done, eats, drinks a glass of wine or beer, turns on the television on ‘bad news’ and entertainment. Especially that television moment in a person his day could be dedicated to the self. I see that people don’t realize that working on the self releases a big amount of energy.)

Material: A4 and marker

Be clear the beginning

IMG_8311Inspired, I woke up one morning and painted on the door a sign that made everything clear. Please no alcohol in our house. Change took place, subtle but evident.

Visiting Nida Art Colony a few months later I understood that there is no question anymore in peoples brain about the use of alcohol. It is normal to drink and get drunk. With this blog and hopefully also the input of other peoples ‘signs’ I wish to communicate that a clear body and mind is ‘OK’.