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IMG_1875 2A blog to share my experience in the hope that it can become an experiment for you, to try. These are steps that are being taken for personal growth. Each time starting in doubt, shall I try this? What will people think, will I suffer, loose myself. And with perseverance these experiments worked for me. They realized a being that is much stronger and alive then my small self can understand.


Prescription  Sahaja yoga

With Sahaja yoga meditation you get into thoughtless awareness and have the experience of peace within. Meditation is not visualizing or fantasizing your way into you. It is an attempt to get into the present moment, all things as they are, without thought. An absolute witness state.

Realize there is joy enough.

It’s easy, it’s free, you can see results, you’re your own boss, it’s all inclusive, it’s everywhere, it’s portable, it makes sense, everybody does it, you feel good.

Sahaja yoga is always for free, because the knowledge is within you. There are some great free online meditation courses that you can do at own pace., and


Prescription  One time in  seven days be 24 hours on a little bit of water and after dark one teaspoon of honey. Do this for 16 weeks.

Get rid off decease, witness yourself, your habits, addictions and greed. Realize what it is, you can do for yourself to grow.

Their are many ways to fast, this prescriptions is just a version. For some general info about fasting I highly recommend this BBC doc:


Prescription Play, play, play

Because, it is time to master the joy of living.

Play poi, staff, diablo, juggle with balls, clubs, rings etc. I highly recommend learning to play poi! Visit for your first lesson, it’s free. Guaranteed smiles every day when you play.




Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi (the film)Mahatma Gandhi

I didn’t know much of this man but now I see his importance.

Mahatma Gandhi: ” I’m simply going to prove……that the only devils in the world are the ones running around in our own hearts.”

And as we continue to look outwards for peace and understanding we will never find what we search for. First we must not deny anymore that there are these devils in our hearts because only then we can erase them from our hearts and start the search for peace. Peace that is reflected in ourselves, reflecting in our own actions, not the actions of others.

Mahatma Gandhi

I understood, hope you can too.

Lots of love,


About this rock


                                  About this rock in front of you. You can shape it, carve it, destroy it. Start.

In other words…                                                                                                                         A problem, an opportunity or just, a situation is given to you. This is what to do; shape it, carve it, destroy it. Start. How? Resources are plenty, paths have been paved. Don’t look at limitations but at options, there are already solutions.

I love Berlin

A forest playground city, full of initiatives and signs!!!

Saw a small oddly placed ‘house’ in a play garden. On top, a letter explaining it’s a shelter for left behind toys! Really every play garden should have such a one!!




So simple to make a change. Help us keep this place clean.

image_1 (2)

image (2)

                                  Hei cowboy (girl) leave your gun outside!


                                       Government taking action. Please feed!


Different stickers, stickers, stickers.



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Make a difference in your own life and that of others

(especially between 19.00- 22.00)

There is a lot of work to be done for humanity on this earth. In our communities and within ourself. Please, value your time. Spent it wise.

(A person works, usually a job that doesn’t develop the sense of self, then comes home does all the things that ‘need’ to be done, eats, drinks a glass of wine or beer, turns on the television on ‘bad news’ and entertainment. Especially that television moment in a person his day could be dedicated to the self. I see that people don’t realize that working on the self releases a big amount of energy.)

Material: A4 and marker