Be clear the beginning

IMG_8311Inspired, I woke up one morning and painted on the door a sign that made everything clear. Please no alcohol in our house. Change took place, subtle but evident.

Visiting Nida Art Colony a few months later I understood that there is no question anymore in peoples brain about the use of alcohol. It is normal to drink and get drunk. With this blog and hopefully also the input of other peoples ‘signs’ I wish to communicate that a clear body and mind is ‘OK’.


Your sign

Acryl paint and any kind of surface will make you a sign. Be creative to be clear. Can’t wait to publish your sign on this blog!

A sign









In a clear way communicate that clarity of mind and body are a high standard. You are free to copy, paint, print or write this ‘sign’ on anything, anywhere, any size you can imagine. The reaction of your environment will be immediate. This page will function as a spot to collect ‘signs’ and feedback, so please sent me an e-mail with a picture and your experience of putting up a ‘ sign’.